Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome to Galaxy

If you've found this blog then it was surely a case of serendipity...

I'm new to blogging; I'm still not convinced by the whole concept, so I'm keeping a very low profile. I've been thinking about doing one for a while, and I've read those of various friends, acquaintances and strangers and enjoyed them to varying degrees.

I guess what finally prompted me to publish was the discovery of the Dostoyevsky quote one night when I was searching my bookshelves for something I hadn't read. Removed from its context, the quote expresses my suspicions about blogging. However, I like the context of the quote and can identify with the thought-induced stasis the character articulates.

In an illustration of the very thing the beginning of Notes from Underground concerns itself with, the Dostoyevsky quote prompted a thought process which allowed me to settle upon a name for the blog that I could live with. Dostoyevsky's notion of an outpouring of emptiness reminded me of one of my favourite Beth Orton songs, 'Galaxy of Emptiness', from her album Trailer Park.

If all this esoteric inertia interests you, stay tuned...

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