Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

At the moment I'm formulating a couple of posts for this blog, and last night as I was writing one of them, I began to plan my schedule for today because one of the posts requires me to go to the University to use the scanner to convert some old-fashioned photographs into digital form. But then last night, I was woken up by torrential rain which continued through to this morning and so I changed my mind about braving the world outside. I did peek my head out to take these photographs for you...

This is one of the views from my 'balcony' (I've put that in scare quotes because it's really too grand a title for my little entrance platform that hangs in mid-air). The church is St Bridgid's Catholic Church, its colour gives the suburb of Red Hill its name.

Here's a picture of the spider that guards my front door. Isn't perspective a wonderful thing; it makes her look as big as the recycle bin across the road. Even though you can't quite see the detail of her web, the drops of water mark its presence.

This picture is for dogpossum. I know if she saw it in person it would send her allergies crazy, but I think she will appreciate looking at its fat witchetty grub flowers, which are just so luscious the way they overtake the foliage. It attracts bees too--somewhere there is some very nice honey to be had. If you look in the top left-hand corner you can see the edge of the mango tree that nurtures the hairy caterpillars right before they crawl into my flat, transform and learn to harrass me in another way, as moths that dive bomb me when I'm trying to read in bed.

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