Thursday, March 30, 2006


Today I was a good sister, not such a great PhD student, but in the familial sisterhood stakes, today I think I passed muster.

I arrived at the University at the respectable time of 10am, whereupon, instead of turning the computer on and getting straight to reading and taking notes or brainstorming brilliant (obviously!) ideas, I turned on the computer and set straight to Googling ‘bridal shower invitations’. I was looking for some ideas about how to issue concise and elegant requests for the honour of various persons’ company at a shower to celebrate my sister V’s forthcoming nuptials. There was a lot of ‘cordial’ talk, but I resisted including it, with a lot less effort than I’m resisting the urge to make a pun right now...

Anyway, I had chanced across a note card set—while perusing the shelves of a newsagent during a stationery fetish moment—which were just perfect for shower invitations. They were the right colour and style for the wedding scheme and my sister’s personality; there were just enough cards and envelopes in the packet to cover everyone on the invitation list; and I didn’t have to crack open the piggy bank to pay for them. So with the newsagent’s packet poking out of my handbag, I sat down at the computer and searched for some words that gave all the information that everyone would need, and that wouldn’t be too sickly and floral in their sentiment. (On occasion, I’ve been known to threaten my sister with a gift of one of those saccharine ‘ode to my sister’ type cards/plaques, but I couldn’t actually do that to her. Not for now, at least. *insert evil laugh*.)

I’m happy with the invitations; I printed out the invitation on paper, using a fancy font and then I trimmed the prints to fit into the card. On the right hand side I’ve issued the invitation with the time and place details, while on the left hand side I stuck a map and RSVP information. I think it strikes a nice balance between informative and communicating the quiet celebration of the occasion.

I also made a lame effort at humour by sticking a tiny piece of paper saying ‘Spa!’, diagonally over the ‘Shower’ part of ‘Bridal Shower’. It’s an attempt to convey first, that we’re going to a day spa—massage included—and, second, that there will be no dubious embarrass-the-bride-to-be games involved. I’ve promised champagne, tea and coffee, and fancy snacks. At this stage, I think high-tea fare, such as delicate sandwiches and small cakes will be on the menu. I’m open to suggestions. Anything that can be easily transported in a plastic container and doesn’t require reheating will fit the bill.

When I’d stuck on the address labels I made for the envelopes, I went to post the invitations. I had a slight obsessive compulsive moment when I thought the stamps I bought didn’t match the envelopes very well. I confess I considered asking if there were any stamps available in more muted tones and subject matter than the Commonwealth Games and a crazy looking horse on the run across a bright green paddock, fleeing from a trio of yapping blue heeler pups and a squawking crow. This is a Bridal Shower you know; we’re going to be Ladies. I quashed the impulse to give grief to the postal worker and put the neatly stacked invitations into the post box, two at a time.

I’ve become quite excited about the prospect of this bridal shower. It’s been quite satisfying being able to arrange the day for V, thinking about what she’ll want to do and what she’ll like to eat and drink. On that note, I’ll have to go and buy some strawberry champagne...


ThirdCat said...

Yes, I have been very pleased with the wildflowers stamps because I've always been able to find one in the roll to suit every envelope. They'll probably go out of commission (or whatever word they use soon). Everyone always enjoys cucumber sandwiches. Spend a bit extra on the bread - it's worth it.

Galaxy said...

I think the wildflower stamps were much of the cause of my dissatisfaction with the crazy horse stamps. When the wedding invitations arrived, the pale pink envelope was perfectly matched with the pink and orange flower stamp. The subtle green and white stripes of the envelopes I posted were not served well by the lime green paddock and the evil looking goanna scowling out from a fallen tree trunk over which the horse was bolting.

I'm glad someone else can share my pain. And so nice to get a new commenter : ) I will heed your advice on the bread.