Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

This is a converted ice factory near where I live.

For a while there, it was some kind of production studio. I'm guessing video, television or film production, from the painted images.

I liked the way that, in the conversion, the site's history was incorporated .I remember, when the building was first painted, I thought how stunning the colours and images were.

I was thrilled to have something so visually creative on the street scape.

I watched in wonder as this inverted face emerged from patches of seemingly disconnected colour.

The building is on a corner. This is around the other side.

Soon, according to a newly erected sign, the building will be excavated and an apartment block, known as The Ice Works, will be built.

The current building is quite old, and I'm sure it's not terribly safe. Still, I will miss seeing these wonderful street images. Would the architects and owners of the new building consent to this kind of facade?

The building next door used to be an independent stationers, but I guess it became more difficult to stay in business when an OfficeWorks opened up not far away. Now it's the shopfront for what looks like a staging production company.

Although from the window display, it looks to me as though they do some kind of interior design and lighting work. I don't know if the two businesses are connected.

I love the humour of all of these images. This bluebird flying around the skull and cross-bones tickles my fancy.


Zoe said...

Galaxy you should drop by, which is a site run by a friend of mine and &duck's.

Byrd is a street artist who's moved from Canberra to Brisbane. Heaps of excellent street art at the site.

Warning that the images are H-U-U-G-E.

Galaxy said...

oh, I just had a look, but I have really limited download quotas at home and uni, so I had to quickly leave before they were gone.

I'll have a proper look when I'm at my research job, but yes, looks a lot like the kind of stuff I love coming across. Thanks!