Friday, November 03, 2006

I Want To Believe

LOVERS of fatty food may be able to have their cake and eat it too, according to striking new research into a special compound found in red wine.

Pass the brie and a glass of red, please.

Do you think the obese one looks perkier for its age? I mean, they're all still alive, aren't they?

Maybe these mice need to adopt the more discerning culinary habits of the Indonesian luwak:

Apparently they're quite fussy about the coffee cherries they ingest. Some ingenious type has taken advantage of the luwak's discernment and proceeded to demonstrate what could be described as a lack of discernment, or even, from another perspective, a kind of hyper-discernment. They have taken to trailing behind the poor creature with a pooper-scooper, gathering the undigested coffee beans, washing them (thoroughly, I hope), and then roasting them lightly before selling them for $1250 per kilo.

According to The Curious Snail, the only cafe in Australia that sells you a cup of coffee (only $50) brewed from these beans is in North Queensland, thereby giving this state the cultural edge over Lygon Street in Melbourne. Depends what you mean by 'culture' I guess. Not sure it's what Raymond Williams had in mind.

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lucy tartan said...

well he did say it was one of the most complex words in the language.

I'll have some wine and cheese and skip the coffee.