Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last year, I think I mentioned that I had started to make some Origami. When it was time to choose a new desktop calendar, I decided upon one that offered an Origami project for every day of the year, thinking it would be ideal for a beginner (some of this Origami is quite difficult).

Each page of the calendar has instructions for an Origami project on one side, and is coloured, sometimes patterned, on the other. The idea is that you save the piece of paper from the day before to use for the following day's folding.

It's a wonderful idea, but, as a guide to Origami, the calendar has presented me with something of a dilemma. The trouble is that I would like to keep the Origami instructions for future reference so I can repeat the projects and so build up my skills. At first I thought I would keep the calendar in tact and just use other paper. But then I saw the paper.

There are such nice colours and patterns amongst the sheets; colours and patterns that would make for perfectly decorated Origami objects. And I think they're just pleasing to look at first thing in the morning when I flip the calendar over to a new day.

After I made a nightingale on the first of January, I also discovered that the paper folds very easily; it stays firm and makes very sharp fold lines, which is the exact quality you want in Origami (at my level).

I've been holding off on folding any of the other pages until I remembered to photocopy the instructions of at least the first month of 2007. I did that photocopying today, and while I was around the office equipment at work, I decided I would scan some of my favourite patterns from January, so you could look at them, and maybe feel all lovely too.


Lucy said...

That is gorgeous paper.

Mark Lawrence said...

I love that paper! Will you post some photos of your origami creations? I also helped my son (6 years) to buy his mum a book on origami for Xmas, and she's been getting into it when she can. I've promised her some good origami paper, so if you have any ideas...

Kirsty said...

Hi Mark, Yes it is more than likely that I'll post some pictures of the origami.

I feel certain there must be specialty paper or art supply shops that have some nice paper; I know there was a Japanese paper shop in Brisbane some time ago, not sure if it's still around, but maybe there'll be something similar in your part of the world. I did pick up some origami paper from Borders amidst the books, but it seemed like a left over, rather than something they stock and refill regularly.