Thursday, April 05, 2007


So, I finally presented the real estate agent with three Form 11s, also known as a Notice to Remedy Breach, because, really, how long is one expected to go without a properly functioning stove, a key to the laundry door, and a recycling bin?

I asked them nicely about the first for a year and the second two for a couple of months. I telephoned. I sent them emails. I said I was going to send them a Form 11.

In response to the Form 11 threat they sent a fellow around early last week to assess the stove. First I got a call from an electrician. I left it to him to tell the agent I had a gas stove.

The gas man confirmed exactly what the last fellow they sent around a year ago told me, that the grill needs replacing as does the ignition switch for the oven. He said he was off to get parts and would be back as soon as possible. Four hours later, I had to go and teach, and now, ten days later, despite repeated requests to the agent to find out what is happening, none of my phone calls have been returned and I still have no clue as to whether the stove will be fixed.

Let’s hope it doesn’t burst into a ball of fire before they get around to putting in the compulsory smoke alarms.

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