Monday, October 20, 2008

What's Going On?

If you're interested to know what I've been up to lately, you'll have to look at the Twitter feed over there in the right hand margin. 140 characters at any one time is about the extent of my blog writing capacity at the moment.

If you click through to Twitter proper, you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about my opinions of Australian Idol, how the Wii Fit experiment is going, my lately acquired propensity to walk into inanimate objects or have them fall on top of me, my disdain for the e-book etc. No doubt I've thrown in a few complaints about public transport too.

Over there in the margins, I've also added another couple of feeds from a third party source which you might be interested in. The feeds are both from Good Reads, a kind of social network book site, similar to LibraryThing, I think. The first feed is a record of what I'm currently reading. In some cases I've made a few preliminary comments. I've included some of the non-fiction, academic reading I'm doing for my thesis as well as a new research assistant contract I've just started.

The second feed is what I've managed to record of books I have read. I've not done too well in creating the back catalogue, and I'm not convinced it's something I'll ever do for reasons of time and memory and, I'll admit, sheer apathy. At the moment you could form the impression that I've read nothing but Andrew McGahan novels.

While you're over there in the right hand margin, you'll see I haven't been to the movies since the film festival a couple of months ago. As a counter-balance, you might note that I've been watching lots of TV instead, broadcast TV, as well as on DVDs and downloads. I need a TV site that works on the same principal as GoodReads, then I could just feed that through to this blog as well.

That was a lot more than 140 characters. I'm done in.

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