Saturday, May 02, 2009

C'mon Let's Crawl...

I have spoken here recently about the social media naysayers: those who believe that online social networks are a waste of time, or whose only response is to do no more than fall into the moral panic default mode that has accompanied the emergence of every new media form since the dawn of time. But my intention today is not to pay any more heed to those who can do little but search for deficiencies of personality in those who use and enjoy social media, rather, my mission is to extend an invitation to a party I'm having this weekend over at Twitter.

I was inspired to have an online Twitter party, first of all because it's my birthday on Monday--I'll be 40--and, second, because I do feel a legitimate sense of connection and friendship with the people I've met through blogging and social media sites and I would like to celebrate this milestone with them/you.

I'm not sure if anyone's done this before. I suppose the nearest thing would be the live blogging or Twittering that goes on around television programs like Doctor Who, So You Think You Can Dance, and Masterchef Australia (to name some that I'm aware of or have participated in). My point is, I'm making this up.

I've created a hashtag: #kirsty40 and I'm adding that to all of my posts. Some people have joined in and used that tag, but others have replied to me directly, wishing me Happy Birthday and lining up for virtual cake. I'm not sure where to go from here exactly, but I'll be continuing to post birthday related things with that hashtag until Monday evening, 4th May.

Everyone who's following me on Twitter was invited and I thought I'd extend that invitation to people who read Galaxy, although the two are not mutually exclusive. This could be all the excuse you need to start your own Twitter account (*looks pointedly at Oanh*) or you can just hang out in the comments here if you'd prefer. You'll be like those people who loiter in the kitchen at parties. Actually that's where I usually am, so perhaps you're the group who's wandered outside to sit on the back steps. Wherever you decide to eventually linger , you can see if you want to join the party by having a quick look at my Twitter account which is here.

Update: This party needs music, so I'm setting up an account at

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I've added one song so far, and will continue to build the list over the next two days. Feel free to make a request for your favourite party music.


genevieve said...

Heh, great idea!! Like or unlike a Second Life party? discuss.
I do like that notion of the backsteps crowd - but I'll subscribe to your Twitter feed for the week, and take this opportunity to say,
have a wonderful day, Kirsty! Forty is a lot more fun that people let on.

Oanh said...

Now look what you've made me do.

*Happy Birthday!*

Kirsty said...

Hmm, Genevieve, I think Second Life might be a bit more dynamic in its ability to deliver a party experience. Thanks for your wishes too.

Heh, heh, Oanh. I can't believe I exerted peer pressure so blatantly. But I know you've been thinking about it...

tseen said...

Kirsty! By association, I responded to your cyberpeerpressure and joined Twitter (I'd resisted all efforts to make me join thus far...). Managed to mis-direct my first tweet - oh yay. ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (still haven't worked out how to wish you this on Twitter itself - call me n00b)

genevieve said...

hey, that was quite fun! hope you had a good time there.


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