Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So This Is Christmas

It's been a bit dreary on this blog lately I know, and I'm afraid things aren't going to improve any time soon as far as I can tell.

I'm still not really having a good time with things. It's got to the point where my doctor has given me a medical certificate to present to Centrelink declaring that I am unfit for work for the next three months. She also advised me to take 3 weeks off immediately.

The certificate will give me some respite from having to look for 10 jobs a fortnight. I'll still look for work, I have to, but as working on just one application for the past two days has made me realise, I am genuinely not capable of one per day. That application utterly exhausted me. I wanted to sleep forever after I submitted it. And then I wanted to burst into tears.

The payment that I will eventually receive from Centrelink won't be enough to even pay my rent. I worked out that even with the bits of research work I might get I'll be able, perhaps, to have around $100 per fortnight left over.

Obviously I have to find someone to move into the room that is currently my study, so I can eke some more room into my budget. I'm not worried about giving up the room, but since my last disastrous attempt to share accommodation, I'm gun-shy about potential flatmates. Repeat to self: 'Your last flat mate was not representative of people in general'. I'll need to prepare a good list of questions for interviewing applicants. I'll need to remind myself not to dismiss my intuition when a passing comment indicates potential incompatibility.

On Christmas eve, I'm going to a friend's place for dinner. I'll enjoy that.

For Christmas, I'm spending the day with my sisters and niece. I'm looking forward to that.

Then between Christmas and New Year, I'm going to Coochiemudlo for a couple of nights to visit some friends. I am dying for that.

In the first week of the year I'm going to use the free tickets to a day session at the Brisbane International that someone I know from Twitter so very generously sent my way. That will be fun, as I've never been to a professional tennis match before.

So, things aren't wonderful--I am scarily broke--but there'll be a few lovely moments with some friends and family that, hopefully, will go some way to restoring me for the year ahead.

Merry Christmas.


Tim said...

Having been in a similar position 12 months ago I can really empathise with this. The thing I found so frustrating was the fact that the sum of money needed to make a difference is often relatively small, but so hard to come by, or envisage coming by.

I hope things turn around and as I said on twitter I'll be non-religiously praying that they do so. Enjoy the tennis and other activities. I was thinking of going to the Aus Open this year (never been to a pro match either) but the horrible heat we usually get around that time puts me off. Still, I'd love to see Feds and/or others in action.

Kirsty said...

Thanks for your thoughts Tim. Yes, there's nothing like poverty to force you to live in the here and now. Who needs Buddhism?

I think it might be pretty hot and awful here too, but I'm not going to refuse free tickets. Not sure who I'll get to see, but I'm hoping for one of those marathon matches.

ThirdCat said...

Nothing wise or useful to say. But I do hope all the best for you. tc xx

genevieve said...

Came by yesterday and left, feeling somewhat like TC. And I also hope things turn around quick, Kirsty. Love your positive, realistic focus on the good things. Good luck with that room mate hunt - is there a good shop like Readings in Brisbane with an adverts window? XXX

Kirsty said...

Thanks 3C and Genevieve. A bit of (virtual) tea and sympathy goes a long way.

I can think of a book shop Genevieve, but not sure if it has an adverts window. Will investigate. Thanks.

Ralph said...

commiserations. but things get better, you'll see

Meredith said...

I hope you had a lovely time at Coochiemudlo. A suggestion for your housemate--international students can be good, and will often pay more if you provide meals for them. There are agencies that will match you up, and often it's only for weeks or months. I did it twice when the finances were low.

David said...

HNY KIrsty. It will be a good year. DNx

South Pole Librarian said...

I just found your lovely honest blog. I do hope you are still your posts remind me that I am not the only one struggling. You just seem to do it with much better aplomb and humour:)

Kirsty said...

Hello, South Pole Librarian. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you'll revisit, now that I'm getting back on track.