Thursday, June 15, 2006


Anyhoo! is my new favourite expression. It’s not that I necessarily use it on any regular basis myself, but I’ve come across it quite a bit while reading blogs lately, and I’ve decided I like it.

I didn’t realise it was a Homer-ism until I happened to watch The Simpsons the other night and saw the yellow paterfamilias attempting to distract Marge’s attention from something he’d done.

Homer seems to use Anyhoo! as a means of distraction.. It’s his way of saying, ‘Please don’t notice that dumb thing I just did’ as he whistles tunelessly, feigning innocence, while attempting to move everyone along.

People on the blogs I read have adapted the Homer-ism to a slightly different use. It’s still an attempt to divert attention away from something they don’t want anyone to dwell on, but rather than the source of discomfort being a moment of idiocy, it tends to be one of the opposing kind. Bloggers suddenly realise they’ve been intensely nerdy, or perhaps overly confessional, and it’s Homer to the rescue. Anyhoo-oo!



Ampersand Duck said...

Heh. Good call, but I actually got it from South Park, in any episode where Canadians are featured. Apparently it's a Canadian thing too!

Anyhoo, can't speak for the provenance of anyone else's usage. Love your work.

Zoe said...

It just snuck into blog language for me along with "sheesh".

Galaxy said...

I always knew I'd liked Canadians and now I find they're contributing to my vocabulary as well.

There's something about anyhoo and sheesh that work so well on the written page isn't there? Perhaps it's because they're too comics-like to actually speak (except if you're a Canadian, I suppose), but they convey just the right emotional tone in a blog post.

Fifteen: A Diary said...

Hey Galaxy - Loving your blog as usual! :) Love the Scream pic.

Check out the new blog. You know who I am. Identity a secret to others of course. Going to see how it flies - will add a chapter a day. There are 15 chapters of typical teenage triumphs, tragedies, comedy and messiness.

Let me know what you think! :)