Friday, May 18, 2007

Emu Dreaming

Here are a few pictures of the Emu Dreaming platter I bought when I went to Mt Tamborine, in the Gold Coast Hinterland, for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.

There was a piece of paper accompanying the platter that gave pertinent details, including the artist's name.

I would normally have provided these details and probably various links so you could explore further, but the fact is I can't find said piece of paper.

I haven't thrown it out, I just can't locate it in the rubble of my abode right now. When my housekeeping skills reassert themselves, I will find it and update this post to satisfy your curiosity.

I do know the platter is by a Central Australian artist and that the glass is fashioned using a kiln.

And I'm not sure my photographs do it any justice.

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