Sunday, April 23, 2006

Climb Every Mountain

This weekend I went to stay with a friend who lives at Mt Nebo, which is about an hour's drive, maybe a bit less, depending on traffic, from my inner city abode.

This is a view from a lookout near Mt Glorious, just up the road from Mt Nebo.

These are some King Parrots, only two of many who squabbled over the sunflower seeds in A.'s bird feeder. Apparently sunflower seeds are the chocolate of the bird world.

When we held the seeds in our hands they came to feed and they dive bombed one another to get at them. They landed gently and their claws didn't hurt. They nuzzled our hands until the very last morsel was gone. This is Dr H. in Ranger Stacey mode. If you look carefully you can also see some female birds, who are more cleverly disguised with green heads.

I just liked the colour of this growth on one of A.'s balconies. Apparently when the sun hits at the right angle, it glows like fluorescent light.

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