Monday, April 10, 2006

Hannah in Melbourne

I just got an email from my brother in Melbourne. He writes:

I was walking downtown Melbourne on my way to work the other day & look at the attac. , I couldn;t believe my eyes, I took a snap & here it is.

At first I wasn't sure, but the girl in the daisys is my niece, Hannah. The picture is a detail from a photo taken on the day she had her very first babyccino at an eatery on the top of Mt Coot-tha in Brisbane.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Should I be freaked out? As far as I know the photo wasn't digital. I have a copy of it at home stuck in a daisy photo holder. Have any of you Melbourne folk seen it? I asked my brother for more details of its context, but he's yet to reply.


dogpossum said...

wow, that's weird.
i haven't seen that art about - give me a location and i'll go scope it out.


dogpossum said...

actually.... is he having a lend of you?

Galaxy said...

Never thought of that. It doesn't really seem like something he'd bother to do. Will investigate further.

Lucy Tartan said...

I haven't seen it - actually, what is it?

It's weird but not sinister, IMO. If the picture got onto the internet somehow with Hannah's name attached it's easy enough to see how the rest could have happened.

It's quite a pretty image, freakyness aside.

Galaxy said...

I asked my brother and the work is showing at a very exclusive gallery: MY BROTHER'S COMPUTER!

He is so cut out of the will. That'll show him.

After reading dogpossum's question I smsed him and asked if he'd photo-shopped it. He admitted his joke, then asked if I liked it.

Hmmph. Maybe ; )

Galaxy said...

I imagined that it would be some street art pasted on the hoardings of a building site somewhere. Where I live in Brisbane there is a stencil artist who posts bills around the place, and sometimes stencils straight onto the pavement or wall. There is little or no text in these works. I should get out my camera and take some photos for you.

I guess this is the context that I viewed the image my brother sent to me. The pink flowers are especially stencil like. And I quite liked the layered effect, with the images of the buildings beneath.

Lucy said...

I'm glad it turned out not to be so freaky. It would make very pretty street art :)

Lucy Tartan said...

Brothers, eh?