Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gastropod 6

Against all reporting to the contrary, there has been some cooking going on in this household. I’ve even used all sorts of exotic ingredients found in end-of-financial-year sales, such as squid ink pasta and dried porcini mushrooms.

Today, however, is about this morning’s breakfast. I hadn’t planned to have breakfast out, I was just going for a walk to get some coffee for home, the newspaper, and some bread from the Sol Breads that has recently opened not far from me—for years I’ve been casting envious glances at West End (which is not so far from me really, but it would be about a 45 minute walk).

Anyone who has been into a Sol’s will know the dilemma involved in choosing a bread for the week from so many delicious varieties. I stood there, weighing up the relative merits of the olive and thyme loaf against the versatility of the walnut loaf. The olive and thyme loaf is one of my long time favourites, but the walnut loaf would go well with both the macadamia honey I bought from the Ekka and some cheddar cheese with the beetroot relish I haven’t yet opened from the Red Elephant on the way to Toowoomba.

Overwhelmed with the choice between the promise of two great breads, I decided to take some time to ponder my decision by ordering breakfast.

As I waited for my order, I looked at the view from Sol’s window. It was such a beautiful day, I tried to capture it with my phone camera:

I’m not such a fan of the images I get from this phone. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to the range of my digital camera.

It would have allowed me to focus on the detail of the weather vane on the point of the garage roof below. It was a wire-fashioned rooster with the blades of a tiny windmill for its body. Never mind.

My breakfast arrived:

Lovely sour-dough fruit toast topped with a squillion blue poppy-seeds, served with ricotta cheese and honey. It was as delicious as it looks*.

The toast was accompanied by refreshing green tea with ginger and lemon grass.

I decided on the walnut bread and added a ciabatta loaf for good measure.

*For some excellent food photography, visit my brother’s website. I could be biased. The vanilla bean is my favourite.

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