Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meme Duck

Remember to Breathe Meme (or: 12 simple things that keep me going from year to year day to day).

Originated by Ampersand Duck

MC Escher
I have an MC Escher calendar. Every morning, on my way to the bathroom, I turn the page on the calender to see what artwork is in store for me that day.
On the weekends, there are quotes which say things like: 'Are you really sure that a floor can't be a ceiling?' and 'I believe that, at bottom, every artist wants no more than to tell the world what he has to say. I have sometimes heard painters say that they work "for themselves", but I think they would soon have painted their fill if they lived on a desert island.'

The coffee maker is my first point of call after the bathroom. I love everything about it. I like folding the paper filter so it fits, just so; scooping the grounds into the coffee maker; pouring in the water; listening to the gurgle of percolating water; becoming aware of the aroma of brewing coffee; thinking about surface tension as I pour the coffee into a cup, trying not spill any; and finally drinking it, as I slowly wake up.

Something triple milled and exotic smelling to make me feel special for the day ahead.

Winter Sky
In Brisbane, the winter sky is an astonishing blue. It is clear and crisp, and reason alone to live in this city.

Preferably the kind that creates a really solid black hand. Although I don't mind a fine tipped, easy flowing ballpoint either.

Thoughts of Hannah 1
Long time readers will know that Hannah is my niece. I am besotted, and I think the feeling is mutual:

Me: I'm going to order some lunch.
Hannah: I'm coming with you.
Me: Oh, okay.
Hannah: Do you know why I'm coming with you?
Me: No, why?
Hannah: Because you're my aunty.

Thoughts of Hannah 2
Me: You haven't eaten the broccoli I gave you. I don't give my broccoli to just anyone, you know.
Hannah: But you gave some to me.
Me: Yes, well that's because I like broccoli and I like you.
Hannah: (Eats the broccoli). I like you... I love you.

Praise from Supervisor

Is there anything better than when you surprise your supervisor with what you've discovered since your last meeting two weeks ago? It's especially good when his reaction is theatrical, ie he put his legs up on the desk and said 'Fuck! ... That's amazing'.

I eat olives everyday. I like black kalamatas and a green lemon and garlic variety, available from the deli I frequent. Both types go very nicely with ciabatta, olive oil and a glass of red wine, just after I get home at the end of each day.

There is nothing better than watching one of my many favourite television programmes. There are too many to mention here, but I have to single out Boston Legal for the moment. One of the things I like most about BL is that, through the regular and guest cast, it's a homage to American television itself: Star Trek (William Shatner), Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen), Benson (Rene Auberjonois), Ed (Julie Bowen), Magnum PI (Tom Selleck), Family Ties (Michael J. Fox), The Golden Girls (Betty White), Cheers (Shelley Long) etc., etc...

James Spader as Alan Shore is just a bonus for anyone with fond memories of the eighties.

Text messages
These are often sent while watching Grey's Anatomy. They contain things like: 'That Apocalypse Now-like music is way too effective', and I get replies like: 'I like Dr Burke more and more'. That one came just after Dr Burke told Dr McDreamy he didn't like him.

Text messages are also good for company while taking public transport alone over long distances, and is there a better way to arrange a coffee date?

They are part of my end of the day ritual. I light a candle, then get into bed, and it burns while I read. When I'm too tired to read anymore, I blow out the candle and get a last whiff of cherry blossom, or whatever fragrance the candle happens to be.


ThirdCat said...

What a beautiful day you have, Galaxy. And tx for the photo of James Spader. I think I shall post it to my blog just because.

Ampersand Duck said...

That's a great response. Hannah sounds gorgeous. And I do appreciate a good pen too. I lost my bag once and I was more upset over the loss of my pen than of my wallet and keys.

And hey -- what a reaction from the supervisor! Gold.

Galaxy said...

Since I wrote this post, I've travelled to Toowoomba to celebrate Hannah's 4th birthday. As I was leaving she reminded me again that I was her aunty and assured me that she was my 'wee bairn', which was something I had tried to instil in her while I was under the influence of the Robert Burns Supper I wrote about at Sarsaparilla. I can't believe she remembered it! She certainly knows how to charm me.

This was a great meme, Ms Duck!