Monday, October 23, 2006

98 Reasons For Blogging: 3 - 6

3. While checking whether I had misspelled ‘impeccable’ in a comment I had already submitted to Laura’s blog, I noticed the word before ‘impeccable’ in The Chambers Dictionary aka ‘The official reference dictionary for Scrabble®’ is ‘impearl’. I learned that it meant ‘to decorate with, or as if with, pearls; to make pearl-like’, which seemed quite lovely. Then I turned my attention to the word before ‘impearl’, which is ‘impeach’. Alas, ‘impeach’ does not mean “to make peach-like”. It would be incorrect to say, “I am going to impeach this cake”, something which would be decidedly good to eat the outcome of, I think. If it meant to ‘decorate with peaches’, that is.

4. ‘Sunday on the Porch’ is a tradition that has been instituted by a friend while she has been house-sitting for three months in a spacious and renovated old Queenslander house. Yesterday was the last ‘Sunday on the Porch’. I wish I had taken my camera so I could show you some pictures of the very fine time we have on such occasions, but I was too busy collecting prawns and Riesling from the shops when my lift arrived, so I ran back down the hill and didn’t go back into my flat. I suppose I could have wielded my camera phone, but then I was too busy consuming at least a week’s ration of chocolate in one sitting. And laughing. And just talking about everything and nothing.

5. I don’t know what went on with Australian Idol last night. Big mistake letting the kids mangle contemporary music with a swing band make-over. That’s not a criticism of swing, more a sense of mystification about why they just wouldn’t just stick with music written especially for all that brass. Maybe the producers got sick of all those excuses along the lines of ‘I don’t know any swing/jazz songs’ and ‘This isn’t my comfort zone’. Oh wait, I think I counted at least five instances of the latter excuse. Will someone audition some musicians for this show please? You know, those people who are curious about genres of music that pre-exist the 1960s.

Now I have to reveal that, last night with the magic of video recording, I much preferred the other singing contest going on in this country at the moment, Operatunity Oz, in which contestants vie to sing in an Opera Australia production of Rigoletto and their very own recording with ABC Classic. Last night we found out that David Parkin, the bass, IT guy won the competition. I am very pleased by this.

When he sang in those low, low tones I swear my body vibrated the entire time. Excellent that Emily Burke is getting an ‘operatunity’ as well.

Here’s a joke from Richard Gill, the conductor of Opera Australia:

Q: How many sopranos does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Ten. One to change the bulb, nine to say they could have done it so much better.

6. ‘You may think that ‘cause you’re so much older than me, you know more about the world. Well, in some cases, that may be. But I read magazines. I watch TV. I know how people are supposed to treat each other’.

--From Northern Exposure: Shelley to Holling, after he abandons her at the altar.


Ampersand Duck said...

re. #3: dictionaries rock. I learn so much more than how to spell one word every time I open one. Impearl is divine.

#5: I keep forgetting Operatunity Oz is on, and I've caught the last five minutes each time. Bummer! It looks great. I will set my mobile phone alarm for the final episode.

lucy tartan said...

Idol last night had me flabbergasted. A whole alternate universe of Bad. I'm having trouble figuring out who I want to win, too, which doesn't help.

Galaxy said...

Operatunity Oz has been great. I was eager to see it because I enjoyed the UK version so much. I do think they could have drawn it out more though, into 6 episodes instead of just 4.

The whole judge thing is interesting too. While the judges might be scathing in Op.Oz, they do it away from the contestants, which seems vastly kinder. Still there aren't as many deluded people auditioning to be in an opera contest.

You must set your alarm &D; it's time for the performance which I'm also quite excited about. Where did this enthusiasm for opera come from? It's unaccountable.

Ms Tartan, I couldn't agree more. And last night on the results show, I had hope for the group performance, since the contestants didn't choose the song, but truly it was just dreadful, I had to switch channels for the duration, I couldn't bear it. Chrissie Hinds should sue for what they did to her song. Which one was it? I can't remember, I've wiped it out as a moment of trauma. For the first time ever, I really don't think I care who wins.