Thursday, October 19, 2006

Purple Rain

Brisbane is feeling a bit dazed and confused at the moment. Cracks are showing in the Riverside Freeway--on the Ann Street off-ramp in particular--which is exactly the route the bus to the University travels. Roads have been closed, traffic has been diverted, and people have been encouraged to take public transport, but still the chaos of peak hour in the CBD is quite unbearable.

It's quicker to walk from the CBD to inner city suburbs these days, so this is what people have been doing; there is walking and cycling in droves. It's quite exciting really from an alternative-to-cars transport perspective. It shows what's possible when people believe they have to find other ways to travel to and from work. And although the consequences of global warming may seem less imperative on a day-to-day basis than the prospect of a freeway collapsing and people tragically dying, the environment is perhaps an even more pressing concern because the number of lives affected are exponential.

And look at the beautiful sights you encounter as you walk about Brisbane in October.

The Jacarandas are blooming in full force. They treat everyone like royalty, rolling out purple carpets for all.


clare said...

Thanks for the pictures, Galaxy. It is lovely to see what I guess is late spring bursting into bloom in your part of the world.

Galaxy said...

The jacarandas are a double-edged sword. On the one hand there are so many planted about the place, that Brisbane becomes a gorgeous purple haze, on the other hand they herald the pointy end of the university semester when all sorts of assignments are due, exams are sat and essays need to be marked. As soon as they start to bloom, you know there's hard work in your immediate future.