Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gastropod: The T-shirt

This is not the post I told you I was preparing. No, that one will be much more angst-ridden, if it ever appears. And by posting this one, the whole point of the other one might be rendered moot, which may well be a good thing for all of us.

Anyway, to 'Gastropod: The T-shirt'. This is the t-shirt I wore yesterday as I whiled the day away at home, catching up on taped episodes of Oz and The Sopranos.

From left to right (not necessarily in order of appearance):

1. Home-made pizza sauce (three spots). I wasn't going to be nearly so ambitious, but discovered I had no tomato paste, so I had to make a tomato sauce if I was going to satisfy my pizza craving. I used the last of the pita bread as a base for two small pizzas the first of which was topped with anchovies and kalamata olives. The second had feta cheese and dried chillis and oregano. I didn't have any melting type cheese, but I tend not to really like melted cheese on my pizzas. Drizzling olive oil does the job for my taste.

2. Chicken Thighs Braised with Apricots & Couscous (one large spot). This was
dinner the night before, and you may notice it has meat of the non-fish variety in it. I bought some chicken from the organic shop up the road during one of my infrequent moments of concern about my diagnosed iron deficiency. Not that chicken will do me much good on that score I suppose. Still, it was one of my better efforts at cooking meat after 8 years of veg-aquarianism. I had it for lunch, which is why it made it down the front of my t-shirt.

3. Pomegranate (one large purple spot). Pomegranates are the most visually pleasing fruit in the world, and since I like sweet/sour things, they're also one of the tastiest fruits in the world. Some might consider the seeds annoying, but I love the way they demand you savour each bubble.


OTT said...

When we were kids, my cousins and I used to have pomegranate wars. In between stuffing my mouth with the seeds, we'd squeeze the juice onto each other's clothes.

I've ruined plenty of good clothes in this fashion :-)

What a fabulous sounding gastropod day!

Galaxy said...

Heh, yes those seeds would make quite excellent weapons. Although I imagine there would be some difficulty in directing the spurt in the right direction--at your adversary and not yourself!