Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Has anyone else seen thys poster yn the foyer of cynemas lately? I take yt as a sygn of the forthcomyng Apocalypse:

Edyt: Sorry, that should be 'Y take yt as ...'


OTT said...

Yeah - I reckon that's why the kid is smashing his forehead against Dad's arm - it's a "d'uh" moment.

Why hasn't Wyll Smyth also changed the spelling of his name?

Ariel said...

A truly frightening example of creative spelling. There doesn't even seem to be a point (however lame). Except for being 'different', I guess.

Galaxy said...

When I first saw it, I thought 'What! that's a major spelling error. They'd know that, right? Right?' So then I thought it was a weird American thing, but Todd Solondz is American isn't he? Happiness was good enough for him.

Even if there is a point to the misspelling, it needs to be signalled in some way. With a quote or something, explaining the context of it, if it exists. One version of the poster online had 'happy' in a different colour to 'ness', which would seem to suggest there is a point, but the versions I've seen in the real world aren't clear about it.

Either way, it's just wrong. The kids will get booted out of spelling bees all because of this poster. There'll be tears all round.

I don't know what Wyll's excuse is Oanh. I'm disappointed in him. I'll have to seriously reconsider the fact that, from an academic perspective, I've always found his attributes as a star to be very complex and so interesting. There's not nearly enough/any academic work on him for my liking. He'll have to sort out this spelling thing.

Nice to have a new commenter, Ariel : )