Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There Goes The Neighbourhood

Well, truth be told, the neighbourhood was shot long before anyone thought it was a good idea to hold a rock concert in a residential area; a series of alcohol-fueled sponsored football matches saw to that.

Tonight, the first of the Robbie Williams Brisbane concerts will be held practically across the road from me. I had a preview just before of the noise levels to expect over the next two evenings. Let's just say I will 'feel real love fill the home that I live in'.

Update: It's 10 minutes to 10pm, and I'm feeling the real love, right now. Boy those 50,000 people can sing. Yeah, Rabbie's not too bad, either. Sounds like it's been a bit of a best of Rabbie night. (I can't stop thinking of him as Rabbie, since like that other poet/lyricist, Rabbie (Burns), he has a reputation for lovin' the laydeez)

Another Update: Oh, now it's 10pm and Rabbie is entertaining us all. 'Let me entertain you! Let me entertain you!' Heh. It's quite the sing-along. Join in blogosphere! 'C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!'

10.13 Update: 'And through it all she offers me protection, loving ...something ... and affection, whether I'm right or wrong ... something, something... Angels ... something, something... wherever it may take me ... I'm loving Angels... something, something'

10.20: 'Jump on board, take a ride, yeah ...' Big wooshing sounds... Lots of cheering ...Some incoherent words from Robbie ... More cheering

10.26: Beep, beep. Beep, beep. Well, those concert goers will insist on wandering out onto the road, irrespective of cars. Clearly, they're high on Rabbie.

10.37: 'Go Robbie! Go Robbie!' High-pitched, hysterical scream


Zoe said...

heh. Conspiracy theory off topic on Robbie Williams post! No Way!

Thanks, Galaxy, I too feel like I was there. It sounds a lot more fun than the post show extravaganza I used to get living near the Enmore theatre in Sydney when "Wogs out of work" played 6 nights a week for month after month after month.

It was of utmost importance to me to share that ; )

Galaxy said...

Now that's just rude, hijacking my sharing of Rabbie with a mad rant about conspiracies and the Bush administration. I'm the only one allowed to rant madly on this blog. Manners!

More post show extravaganza news, Zoe. Someone walking past my flat was telling the story of how they threw themselves into Rabbie's car and he said 'Get out of my car'. (Oh I wish I could convey the tortured imitation of a Rabbie accent.) More importantly, almost as important as the need for America to wake up (so why post to an Australian blog? It has always struck me that even those Americans against American Imperialism are determinedly oblivious to the rest of the world. Yes, I'm looking at you Michael Moore), is what this reveals about our Rabbie. Will I have to start calling him Robbie now he's rejecting the advances of groupies?