Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hazy Sunday Afternoon

Brisbane is smoky today. But there's a high, full moon.

Someone was playing music until 5.40 this morning. This afternoon there was a football game on.

I walked across the William Jolley bridge to the Gallery of Modern Art and saw Gabrielle.

I bought some red wine.

And will soon eat some Floating Market soup.


Oanh said...

Gosh, you make me miss Brisbane!


Swedish Chocolate Coffee Roo

What you need:-
50g self-raising flour
1/2 teaspoon ground mustard seeds
a little bit of salt and pepper

1kg of roo steak, chopped into cubes

75g butter
3 garlic cloves (or more)
1 large onion
12 shallots
olive oil
kahlua / coffee liquer (I substituted with coffee infused honey)
250ml strong coffee (i.e. drinking coffee, not coffee grinds, as I thought in my first attempt at this recipe)
50 g dark chocolate (I'm sure the recipe book wanted you to use Green and Blacks, which are now owned by Cadbury and no longer independent. So good dark chocolate of whatever brand is fine).

What to do:-

Mix flour with ground mustard seeds and salt and pepper.

Toss roo in seasoned flour and coat well.

Rub the any remaining seasoned flour not coating roo with 25g of butter.

Cook garlic, onion and shallots in remaining butter and olive oil in nice deep fry-pan. Remove from pan and set aside.

Don't wash out pan.

In now seasoned oil, fry fry-coated roo until broned on all sides. Remove and put in casserole dish, together with garlic, onion and shallots.

Don't wash out pan, again. No matter how much your OCD wants you to.

Add coffee liquer and coffee to dirty pan and whisk over medium heat to get a glossy smooth sauce, which should reduce by half.

Add stock, flour and butter mixture from earlier. Bring to boil, remove from heat and poir over meat and onion mixture in casserole dish.

Now, you can wash out pan.

Cook casserole in middle of oven for about 15 minutes, on abut 160 degrees. My oven at home was gas and unreliable, so I just had it on medium ish and kept a good eye on it. Cooked when the roo's cooked: stab roo meat with a metal skewer and if feels tender, ta dah!

Once cooked, remove casserole and stir in broken up pieces of choclate, letting it melt and blend in with the casserole (although having a few chunks is always a surprising treat for someone).

Garnish with what you will, and serve with potatoes and vegies and nice crusty bread.

I cooked this twice. Once for my partner and once for a dinner party of four. Although it was still yummy, the recipe worked better when I cooked it using 1kg of roo for four, rather than only 250g for my partner and me.

Enjoy :-)

Kirsty said...

I must admit I was thinking of ex-Brisbane folk when I put that post together. It was such a Brisbaney kind of day.

Thanks so much for the recipe. It sounds divine. Maybe I'll try it with 1/2 kilo of roo and see what happens. Plus, I am still working on that BIFF post. It starts again this Friday. Eeek!

Meredith said...

beautiful moon photo... makes me want to visit Brisbane