Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nerdettes FC

Despite my recent Rockin’ Girl Blogger award from Lucy Pigpuppet,

I think the final nail in the coffin of my hipster status was hammered all the way in yesterday.

What precipitated this death knell was the revelation that John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia has discovered YouTube.

For a moment there, I thought I was cooler than our conservative, track-suit wearing, sexagenarian leader since, as you know, I embraced YouTube, fully, over a week ago now. (And, as perhaps you don’t know, my tracksuit is black velours).

But then I realised that John Howard has posted a video on YouTube. He has his own channel, while I’m still using YouTube to access digitised BBC dramas from 1994!

Oh, well, I can’t truthfully say I wasn’t aware that my cutting edge status on the internet had never been forged beyond a sort of blunt rock.

I’m the kind of person who is still inordinately excited at having access to the OED online*.

And because I think these people might be excited by that fact too—and I just love their blogs—these are the recipients of my own Rockin’ Girl Blogger awards:

Ariel from Jabberwocky

Clare from Keeper of the Snails

Molly from My Madeleine (I've never actually had a conversation, online or otherwise, with Molly. Hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her. Still, there were no rules specified about have to 'know' the Rockin' Girl Blogger in question).

Oanh from Halfway Between Ca Mau and Sai Gon

Sophie from Sophie Cunningham


* Words looked up on the OED this past week include:

integument, n. That with which anything is covered, enclosed, or clothed; a covering, investment, coating. a. In general sense. (Now usually either fig. from, or with humorous allusion to, next sense.)

iatrogenic, a. Induced unintentionally by a physician through his diagnosis, manner, or treatment; of or pertaining to the induction of (mental or bodily) disorders, symptoms, etc., in this way.

Manichaean, n. and a. B. adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Manichaeism or its adherents; (more generally) of or relating to dualism, dualistic.

psephology The study of public elections, and statistical analysis of trends in voting; loosely, the prediction of electoral results.

veridical, a. 2. spec. in Psychol. Of hallucinations, phantasms, etc.: Coincident with, corresponding to, or representing real events or persons.

mystagogy, n. Initiation into mysteries, or instruction preparatory to this; the practices or teachings of a mystagogue.
Occas. derogatory although now often replaced by MYSTAGOGUERY n. in such contexts.


Ariel said...

Why, thank you Miss Kirsty. *blush* You rock! And you have officially made my day.

I realise how old I am all the time - so if you've just had it brought to your attention, you're doing well. (And are in fact way more young and hip than me.) I thought I was being young and hip by attending a taping of Rockwiz last night. But then I realised how old I am when I developed sore legs from standing. And then when I realised that most of the audience were in fact over 30.

Kirsty said...

People generally tend to think I'm about five years younger than I am. I tend not to correct them--let them have their illusions, life is hard enough without me raining on their parade ; )

How long was the Rockwiz taping? If it was anything like the Good News Week taping I went to, I think even the most spritely young thing might have sore legs. Are you allowed to say who the rockers were?

Oanh said...

Aw shucks, Kirsty. Thank you. I haven't used the phrase "you rock" for ages, but I know the joy of it as a compliment.

Clare said...

Thanks Kirsty! Rockin' Girl Blogger sounds very good to me. Especially the 'girl' bit, and especially at my age...actually I don't think anyone has ever told me I rock before so that's very cool.

Ariel said...

Um, it was pretty long actually. We got there at 6.30pm to get a spot, it started at 8pm (there was a duck out for dinner in between) and then it finished at about midnight-ish. So yeah, maybe it wasn't JUST my age giving me the sore legs.

The rockers were not terribly exciting - Gina Jeffries, a very hip young guitar-playing thang who has played with Kim Salmon, and two ageing Oz rockers with bloated bellies (and faces) and mullets. All good fun though!

Kirsty said...

Yeah, Clare, I thought we'd all enjoy the 'girl' bit.