Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Cat Blogging

I've just finished watching Episode Three: 'Gridlock' from the most recent series of Doctor Who.

I love the cat people. As prosthetic works they're quite an achievement and someone should win some kind of industry award.

We've seen them before in 'New Earth' from the last series.
In that episode the Cat Sisters weren't so nice.

In this episode Brannigan is one of the commuters stuck in traffic hell in New New York.

He and his wife, Valerie, have some new children/kittens which we get to see. Awww!

And Brannigan gets the best and truest line of the episode. When the Doctor goes after Martha by jumping through space from car to car, Brannigan's wife remarks in reference to the Doctor, 'He's insane', to which Brannigan adds 'and a bit magnificent too!'. Indeed.


naridu said...

I keep missing the broadcasts of Dr Who and have had to settle with downloading as torrents instead and am a little behind on the seasons. David Tennant and a bunch of kittens, now that's an episode to look forward to. ;)

Shado said...

I really like the cats theme as well and Ardal O' Hanlon made a fine cat. The kitten children were so cute!! A hellava lot cuter than the current monster cats in my care (see latest entry in my blog).