Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bunya Mountains: Trees

I went to the Bunya Mountains National Park over the Queen's Birthday long weekend. I forgot my camera, but that didn't stop me from using the one on my mobile phone to try and capture the grandeur and beauty of the  area. 

I had been invited along on the weekend by friends of a friend so I didn't do any of the travel planning (except for a couple of meals), which meant that I wasn't even really certain exactly where the Bunya Mountains were located, never mind anything specific about them.

I was surprised by the wallabies that I saw when I looked out of the window on the first morning after arriving in the dark the night before. 

And then there were the Bunya pine forests for which the region is named. 

I kept trying to capture the unique shape of these rare and magnificent conifers.

I ended up with too many photos for just one post.

Next time:  Other Flora of the Bunya Mountains.

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meli said...

the trees are cool indeed. i like the last photo best. i love trees standing in fields...