Monday, June 16, 2008

Procrastination 101

I'm in the middle of doing some marking.  It's been made a bit easier because, well, quite frankly, more than a few students didn't really seem to take the assignment topic seriously.  

They were supposed to do a critical reflective essay on team work drawing on case studies arising out of their own experience of team work throughout the semester.  They were supposed to keep a learning journal to reference as a primary source and make broader connections with the wealth of  literature on team work

I've read a couple of outstanding ones so far (go you girly swats!), but the worst of them have just submitted their learning journal with no critical essay attached.  I guess they missed the instructions distributed in lectures,  tutorials,  emails, to say nothing of the assignment sheet itself, that stipulated the learning journal didn't need to be submitted, but it should be quoted and referenced, along with secondary sources, according to the usual referencing conventions.  Oh well, as they say on teh internets these days:  FAIL! 

Meanwhile, I am in need of some desk bound amusement where I can convince myself that I'm still working:  OH RLY! 

I've decided to do a meme that I found over at Keeper of the Snails wherein I am to reach for the nearest book, turn to page 123 and avail you all of the fifth sentence. 


Flip, flip, flip.

One, two, three, four...


'His first authorized biography appeared in 1879, written by the editor of an official government newsletter, and several more were to follow before he was dismissed as chancellor in 1890'.

The sentence is from this book:

It's from the section on Germany, 'Mass Circulation Newspapers Shaped by an Authoritarian Setting' by Ulf Jonas Bjork.  The biographies referred to are those of Otto von Bismarck, who was apparently quite the one for using the press to self-promote.

The only reason I have this book next to me is because I was looking at it as part of one of my Research Assistant positions. I have no special interest in the topic myself, aside from the curiosity I have about most things,  but the meme didn't specify it had to be a book of any particular priority.  If that was the case, I might have dug to the bottom of the pile and picked this one:

The End.


Mark Lawrence said...

What, no tagging?

Looks like fun reading. Kinda.

Perhaps the choice of books would be different if you were doing the meme at home, or in bed, and the nearest books would be different, somewhat...

It reminds me of this thing the Sunday or Saturday magazine accompanying The Age would do in their regular Q&A with an author: what books are on your bedside table. We sometimes got some fascinating insights.

They don't do it anymore. I miss it. I also miss the thing The Age's Sunday magazine used to do – ask some celebrity or other to tell us what was in their grocery shopping basket.

Hmmm, food and book p*rn.

Mark Lawrence said...